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Freddy’s Nightmares vs. Friday The 13th The Series

A titanic battle between monster shows!

Actually it’s the tale of two shows that capitalize on established characters and names to create something totally separate and unconnected to anything the films have done.

Freddy’s Nightmares hardly features Freddy as a villain, instead he hosts the show which acts as a sort of series of short tales of horror that take place on Elm Street.

But I will say that at least it has Freddy.

Friday The 13th The Series has little to nothing to do with the films at all. Other than the title, there is no connection. It is just a ploy by the creators to gain ratings.

Both of these shows pop up on Chiller from time to time, giving you a chance to see the crap for yourself.

Until then realize that in a battle between horror TV shows based on movies, none of us win.

2 years ago

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    I will have to try to find Freddie’s Nightmares because I love Friday the 13th the Series. But how can anyone on that...
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    Every Saturday night when I was about 10
  3. marmaratiknightofthejar said: I never thought much of the Friday The 13th Series, but kinda liked Freddy’s Nightmares, I guess the cheesiness just appealed to me, although nothing to do with the movies. Would it be wrong that I want the complete Freddy’s Nightmares on my iPhone?
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