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The Science Of Self Loathing

A fresh start for a useless age.

I usually have a desire to look through most of the best of lists, for the anger it gives me if anything.

Not from the choices, but mostly the tone I get. The “expert” opinions that are mimicked on here daily.

I’m even guilty at times, but I try to be aware.

But still, the other reason I look is for ideas on where to go, what to listen to. That’s the main reason they exist anyway, advertising without paying for it (or paying for it, which is shady.)

This year I don’t have the spirit. I know the movies already because I tend to follow that as close as I can considering my geographic disadvantage here in the wilds of the Mid-Atlantic. DC is not a step out the door and it’s full of slicked back political types who make you wonder if it is possible to live an extravagant life while not enjoying it.

And the music is just so overwhelming these days. And people flock to bands that I’ve never heard of or won’t hear of again once I start listening to them.

It’s not that I don’t like hearing new songs and artists.

I dunno.

I just don’t feel it this year. I don’t feel like wading through three feet of words and hyperbole by a writer who is desperate to gain your attention and approval in some manner.

Even when they say they aren’t.

That’s why I wanted to highlight a few of my more special moments from this year in my Best Of Coked Up Jesus End Of The Year List.

Here we go!

#1 Woke up.



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