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The Science Of Self Loathing

A fresh start for a useless age.

You might remember my last find by holding down the create post button.

Or you don’t.

Well now I just found, on Android at least, that you can hold down the heart on a post you enjoy and a menu will pop up to share it. This could be through text, email, your other blog, etc.

Share these deep posts and first world problems with friends off Tumblr now and laugh the night away!

Then again, that might be akin to video taping an AA meeting for party entertainment.

It’s your conscience.

1 year ago
  1. lomalomarevamped said: Holy shit!! Yeah, I’m late to the party…
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    Works on Tumblr iPhone app too…
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    I will try it on my droid!
  4. spiralingsidewayz said: And if you hold the reblog button down, it’ll auto reblog. Whoops.
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  6. theoriginalcreature said: You’re a regular gandhi, with your wisdom.
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