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The Science Of Self Loathing

A fresh start for a useless age.

It’s a wonderful Monday! And a mere 4 days until I descend upon the city of New York in my nitro sled, giving all the good boys and girls bad ideas.

I am assured that TSA will touch my genitals at some point because I A) haven’t had that pleasure yet and B) I haven’t been on a flight yet that didn’t see me get the special treatment from security (touch yer nose).

So enjoy this day! I have some big stuff planned for later! Or decent sized stuff. OK, maybe it’s average, but at a certain angle it looks big.

Until then, enjoy President Vladimir Putin singing the Fats Domino classic “Blueberry Hill” while a bunch of whorish celebrities clap against the drunken beat and smile like they were just struck with Joker venom.

1 year ago
  1. sparkgrrl658 said: i used to sing that song with one of my grandfather’s friends all the time when i was little. ergo, now i cannot hear it without crying because i got older and now sentimental nonsense makes me misty, apparently, even when douches like him do it.
  2. its-onlygene said: They have to love someone, hell we all do. I say take the love where you get it.
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