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The Science Of Self Loathing

A fresh start for a useless age.

You dumb bastards!

Pope Francis Merriweather Smith doesn’t look like George Bluth. He looks like Carl Reiner.

The point here being that people look like people and some of those people hate on gays while being voted to the highest religious post in the land.

1 year ago

  1. lessthansociallyept said: Wrong! A chubby Woody Allen!
  2. theoriginaljackass said: No no no no no. He looks like Alan Greenspan taking a dump.
  3. thefredasaurusrex said: shoosh. I’m watching the pope coverage on E!.
  4. its-onlygene said: I’m under the impression that he loves sperm and eggs, though I don’t think for breakfast.
  5. cokedupjesus posted this